'Holiday-makers,' the 'mothership' of the chain and as a reminder of stages of the trip

Lunch at the Borough Market, where fresh bread and cheese taste so much better than at home

by Sr. Eileen Quinlan, SND, Ph.D., ’74, professor of English/communication

In the Borough Market in Southwark, the south bank of the Thames, we shopped for lunch. Ramona (friend of the College), Carrington (Lisser, student), Elaine (Aragon-Keller, alumna) and Candy (Fischer, former staff member), Sr. Kathleen (McDonnell, alumna) and I bought fresh bread and chunks of cheese for lunch today.

Like any vacationers—holiday-makers—many of us have been shopping during the week. Certainly we've bought postcards, and guidebooks from the museums and cathedrals where we've been, but some of us have had major retail goals.

For instance, one traveler has been buying a Starbucks mug in each city. Others have sought out the Hard Rock Cafes in Dublin, Edinburgh and especially London, the "mothership" of the chain. Still others have found the Harley-Davidson stores every time.

One traveler has purchased a snow globe from each city or region or country, as a reminder of stages of the trip. Someone else finds a Christmas ornament (or two or three) in each town or church or museum shop.

And of course, books will be coming home in my suitcase: Sir Walter Scott, Vikings, and London murder mysteries.



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