She sees Buckingham Palace as 'the office;' a doll house with electricity and running water; a small world, indeed

Notre Dame arrives at Windsor Castle.

by Sr. Eileen Quinlan, SND, Ph.D., ’74, professor of English/communication

A fourth consecutive day of sunshine took us from York to Windsor and finally to London.

The three-hour southbound  drive was like watching the arrival of spring: from an occasional white-flowering tree in York we went to rows of white-flowering trees lining the roads in Warwickshire. The Castle grounds boast primroses and daffodils, pansies and small tulips and budding trees.

We toured the State Apartments of the Castle using an audiotour, hand-held or headphones. Most of the interiors are from the days of Charles II (1640s), very ornate. The  ceilings might be 30 feet high. Damask wall coverings are themselves covered by framed art of Rubens and Van Dyck and Holbein and others and portraits of royal family groups.

The College travelers make a Cleveland connection in the sun at Windsor.

The Queen holds some state dinners here, and receptions for heads of state. It is the family's home, really—apparently she sees Buckingham Palace as "the office."

Some favorite aspects of the Castle: Queen Mary's doll house, built around 1920 to scale for people 5 inches tall (!!) with electricity, running water and actual books and dishes and vacuum cleaners. The displays of china and porcelain dinner ware from the 1700s to the present, Sevres and Wedgwood, gifts to the Crown. The displays of armor and firearms, swords and pikes, pistols and muskets.

Corgi mania!

St. George's Chapel is the burial place of 20th century royalty, as well as others, including Henry VIII and Jane Seymour. It was begun around 1470, and has a stunningly delicate fan tracery ceiling. And daily there are morning prayer, Holy Communion and Evensong, virtually a parish church.

As the Castle visitors gradually reassembled near the coach, some sat in the sun eating ice cream, and chatting with two women who were also waiting: one from Arizona, and one from Cork in Ireland who had once worked in Cleveland for Bailey Controls. A small world, indeed.



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