Basic Certificate in Pastoral Ministry

Program Degree: 

This program is designed for those who serve their parish as part-time or volunteer ministers. It provides a college level background in Catholic theology and pastoral skills.

Program Outcomes:
Students will:


  1. Have a grasp of basic theological concepts in the areas of Scripture, liturgy, morality, ecclesiology, and Christian anthropology, bringing this knowledge when interacting with others in a parish setting.
  2. Develop listening skills needed in a ministerial setting.
  3. Understand the nature and parameters of their role as one engaging in pastoral ministry.

Required Courses:
PM 104 Hebrew Scriptures
PM 105 Christian Scriptures
PM 235 Counseling Skills for Pastoral Ministers
PM 301 Sacraments in Christian Life
PM 321 Principles of Morality and
Moral Response
PM 332 The Nature of the Church
PM 334 Nature, Sin, and Grace
PM 335 Theology and Spirituality for Ministry

Note: All of these courses can be applied to the Advanced Certificate in Pastoral Ministry. Each of these courses is a two (2) credit course and may be taken for credit or audited.

E.g., 06/21/19
E.g., 06/21/19