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Chemistry Department



Notre Dame College offers two degree programs in chemistry: Bachelor of Science and Bachelor of Arts. These two degree programs give students a choice in the extent of the chemistry they would like to pursue relative to other areas of study outside the major, for example, in the liberal arts or business.

Program Mission: Students majoring in chemistry at Notre Dame College will seek to understand their world at the atomic level. Students will broadly explore chemistry theory and practice, through both classroom and laboratory study. The chemistry graduate will be prepared to enter the chemistry workplace, to pursue graduate studies in chemistry and related fields, or to pursue professional studies in medicine. Furthermore, graduates will be empowered to use their knowledge of chemistry responsibly in a global society.

Program Outcomes for the Chemistry Major: When they have completed the Chemistry Major, students will be able to

  1. Demonstrate current knowledge in the major disciplines in chemistry.
  2. Demonstrate knowledge and use of standard laboratory techniques.
  3. Communicate scientific information effectively in written, oral, and other informational technologies.
  4. Engage in the process of discovery, through literature review, hypothesis formulation, research design, experimentation, and analysis.
  5. Incorporate The Chemical Professional’s Code of Conduct as outlined by the American Chemical Society in their work within the major.