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Choose Ohio First

STEMM Scholarships
and STEMM Student Living-Learning Community

STEMM is a nationwide focus in education and training to prepare students, especially those underrepresented in the fields, to be competitive in Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics and Medicine careers.

In addition to offering a personal learning community and a small campus environment for all prospective students, Notre Dame College provides students studying STEMM choice scholarships in biology through an innovative Ohio program and a singular living-learning community specifically for STEMM scholars.

We look forward to reviewing your application to the STEMM Living-Learning Community (STEMM LLC). Please contact Dr. Tracey Meilander with any questions.

Dr. Tracey Meilander, STEMM LLC Faculty Coordinator, Director of Choose Ohio First STEMM@NDC and Co-Director of Community Based Learning


Phone: 216.373.5228

Program of Innovation STEMM Scholarships

Notre Dame College and the State of Ohio want to help you reach your professional goals in the biological sciences with an innovative scholarship program. Our program includes the following components:

  • Focused learning community in collaboration with other student scholarsChoose Ohio First Logo
  • Solid academic preparation through a rigorous and relevant biology curriculum that prepares students for in-demand STEMM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics and Medicine) careers
  • Personalized opportunities for research, experiential learning and professional mentorship 

At Notre Dame, the emphasis is on the individual and how to assist each student in achieving to his or her highest abilities.

The 44+ hour biology curriculum requires dedication and academic excellence. This program will prepare students for success in postgraduate studies, research and STEMM careers.

Admission Requirements
to become a Choose Ohio First Program of Innovation Scholarship recipient are:

  • Complete Notre Dame College application for admission
  • Receipt of an official high school transcript and college transcripts (if applicable)
  • Receipt of an official ACT or SAT 1 score report
  • Cumulative high school GPA of 3.0 or better
  • Declared major in biology
  • Demonstrated financial need
  • Identification with a group that is traditionally underrepresented in STEMM
  • Written statement addressing the following:
    • 1) Why you want to become a STEMM major and
    • 2) How participation in a STEMM Learning Community would help you to achieve your professional goals.
  • Personal interview for adult/nontraditional students

Learn more about Choose Ohio First here

STEMM Living-Learning Community

The STEMM Living-Learning Community (LLC) is one of a few unique residential learning communities on the Notre Dame campus. STEMM LLC students will live together in the College residence halls; utilize common study and work spaces; and participate in STEMM-focused academic, career and social activities. In many cases, students will take STEMM classes together as a cohort. Notre Dame faculty also will facilitate special STEMM LLC activities.


This program will design and facilitate a residential community of STEMM-focused learners, connected through common interests and aspirations, on the Notre Dame campus.


  • To build positive collegial and social relationships amongst STEMM majors
  • To provide academic enrichment and support to STEMM majors
  • To provide opportunities for STEMM career exploration and vocational discernment
  • To strengthen professional relationships between STEMM students and faculty
  • To serve others utilizing STEMM expertise and talents
  • To improve persistence and completion rates amongst STEMM majors

Benefits and Activities

  • In-residence hall pre-exam study sessions facilitated by STEMM faculty
  • In-residence hall peer STEMM tutoring
  • In-residence hall office hours with STEMM faculty
  • STEMM-major residence advisor and mentor
  • Bio/Chem Club speakers and activities (e.g., career presenters, visits from professional school recruiters, science talks and social events)
  • STEMM-focused career programming (e.g., Day of Shadowing, mock interviews, internships, etc.) with Notre Dame Career Services
  • STEMM-specific (e.g., environmental, medical, science education) service events
  • Social events with STEMM students and faculty
  • And much more


Approximately 16 freshmen STEMM students majoring in biology, chemistry and/or environmental science

Recruitment and Selection Process

The STEMM LLC committee will reach out to community candidates using the following methods:

  • Informational emails to all current and incoming students
  • Attending orientations


Applications for the community will be accepted until August 5, 2016. 

Community members will be accepted based upon the following:

  • Meeting all requirements necessary to remain enrolled at Notre Dame, including good academic and conduct standing
  • Maintain at least a cumulative 2.0 GPA
  • Declared major in biology, chemistry or environmental science
  • Interest in and commitment to active participation in the STEMM LLC, as evidenced by written statement of interest and commitment

After an application is submitted, the STEMM LLC committee will meet to review the candidate information. Accepted candidates will be notified on a rolling basis.

Students accepted into the community may be granted, based on availability:

  • Resident rooms in South Hall on the fourth floor along a short hallway
  • Programming space
  • Study space
  • Access to faculty office hours in the residence hall each week
  • Access to a computer lab

STEMM LLC Leadership Structure

Faculty Coordinator: Tracey Meilander, M.Ed., Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Biology, STEMM LLC Faculty Coordinator, Director of Choose Ohio First STEMM@NDC and Co-Director of Community Based Learning


  • Oversee STEMM LLC curriculum and activities
  • Coordinate faculty involvement
  • Manage assessment
  • Recruit and select STEMM LLC candidates

Director of Community-Based Learning: Ronald E. Matthews, Jr., Ph.D., Associate Dean of Undergraduate Programs, Assistant Professor of History and Political Science

Expectations for STEMM LLC Participants

Responsibilities for participant in the STEMM LLC:

  1. Meet all the expectations of the STEMM LLC
    • Be actively involved in my community’s activities, meetings, programs, events, etc.
    • Participate in at least one community service activity per semester
    • Participate in at least one career service event per semester
    • Participate in at least one social activity per semester
    • Participate in on-site tutoring and exam review sessions (as recommended by program coordinator)
  2. Meet all requirements necessary to remain enrolled at Notre Dame, which includes remaining in good academic and conduct standing
  3. Maintain at least a cumulative 2.0 GPA
  4. Respect and develop positive relationships with fellow community members; resident assistants; Notre Dame students, staff, faculty members; and others met during this experience
  5. Act with integrity in everything that is done for the community and represent the STEMM LLC with courtesy and professionalism
  6. Be willing to collaborate with others as well as be proactive in helping the community reach its goals

Learning Outcomes and Associated Assessments

Participants in the STEMM LLC will:

  1. Identify relevant potential internal and external contacts for the creation of a professional STEMM network (aligns with program objectives 1 and 4)
    • Assessed through comparison of pre- (August) and post- (May) social network maps drawn by participants, focus group and/or interview
  2. Demonstrate understanding of the core concepts of biological literacy, which are evolution; structure and function; information flow, storage and exchange; transformation and flow of matter and energy; systems (aligns with objective 2)
    • Assessed through the ETS major field test, biological concept inventory and interviews with participants
  3. Understand the process of science and how it contributes to STEMM advances (aligns with objective 2)
    • Assessed by Disciplinary Practices rubric and focus groups with students
  4. Describe multiple career pathways or trajectories appropriate to STEMM interests, talents and abilities (aligns with program objective 3)
    • Assessed by vocational discernment written reflection and through interviews with participants
  5. Discuss the impacts of STEMM innovation on science and society to improve the human condition (aligns with program objective 5)
    • Assessed by vocational discernment written reflection and through interviews with participants
  6. Discuss how ethical practices in STEMM are essential to scientific advancements (aligns with program objective 5)
    • Assessed by vocational discernment written reflection and through interviews with participants
  7. Identify strategies for improving academic success in STEMM (aligns with program objective
    • Assessed via score on Perseverance Survey and focus groups with participants.

We look forward to reviewing your application to the STEMM Living-Learning Community. Please contact Dr. Tracey Meilander with any questions.

Dr. Tracey Meilander, STEMM LLC Faculty Coordinator, Director of Choose Ohio First STEMM@NDC and Co-Director of Community Based Learning
Phone: 216.373.5228