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Introducing two new and exciting programs that will train students, not only in PERFORMANCE, but also in the CREATIVE and INNOVATIVE approach to performing arts BUSINESS and LEADERSHIP. Programs pending approval.

Bachelor of Arts in:
Music Entrepreneurship
concentrations: vocal, instrumental, composition
Theatre Entrepreneurship
concentration: acting & directing

PRE-ADMISSION by in-person or phone interview with performing arts faculty required for pre-admission. Must be accepted into the college by filling out the online application.  Email  or call 216-373-6499.

FULL ADMISSION into the program will be granted by performing arts faculty directors after a formal audition that takes place at the end of the second semester of enrollment. Transfer students must have at least two completed semesters of college credits to formally audition. Extended or early auditions granted by approval of the performing arts faculty directors.

2020 Audition Dates coming soon!

Bachelor of Arts Full Admission Audition Requirements:

Music Entrepreneurship – concentrations: vocal, instrumental, composition
  • A solo piece that shows your musical technique and artistic expression. Accompanist provided.
  • Musical technique examination: scales & exercises.
  • Composition students must also submit two original compositions in contrasting styles.
  • Interview with the performing arts faculty at the end of audition.
Theatre Entrepreneurship – concentration: acting & directing
  • A prepared monologue or 16-bars of a musical theatre selection that shows your acting technique and artistic expression.
  • An acting technique demonstration: perform a scene given to you at the audition.
  • Technical Theatre students must also submit a CV of production history.
  • Interview with the performing arts faculty at the end of audition.

Music Major Coursework: Theory & History, Literature, Private Lessons, Performing Ensembles, and Solo Recitals.

Theater Major Coursework: Acting & Directing, Technique, Production, Improvisation, Literature, and Solo Performances.

Entrepreneurship Coursework: Business, Entrepreneurship, Digital Marketing, Finance, Management, Communication, Multimedia and Website Design

Click here for program specific curriculum


Alicia Gallucci, M.M.

Alicia Gallucci
Co-Director of Performing Arts, Assistant Professor of Music


Michael Krueger, M.M.

Michael Krueger
Co-Director of Performing Arts, Director of Instrumental Studies, Assistant Professor of Music


Pierre-Jacques Brault, B.M.

Pierre-Jacques Brault
Director of Theatre Studies, Artistic Director for Mercury Theatre Company