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Departmental Ensembles

Immerse Yourself in Performing Arts

We believe in artistic literacy – integrating the arts and academics. Performance brings life to the music and theatre traditions studied in the classroom. That’s why Notre Dame College students are encouraged to diversify their education. NDC offers a complete range of Performing Ensembles. And participation in NDC ensembles offers a wide range of opportunities for student performers. You will find that several of our Performing Ensembles are open to students of all skill levels, regardless of their major. However, few Performing Ensembles do require auditions. 

Performing Ensembles offer a tremendous opportunity for artistic expression – allowing students to participate in learning, rehearsing, and performing music with peers, faculty, and community members. They’re also a chance for students to learn the finer points of preparation for a live event and collaborative performance. In addition to a number of on-campus performances, many of the ensemble groups perform in the local community at a variety of functions. Several ensembles tour and perform throughout the year.


Instrumental Studies

Not only are musical studies an enjoyable escape for our students, research demonstrates musical training enhances cognitive function and academic performance – all vital to a college learning environment. The Performing Arts Department at Notre Dame College provides a rich and varied music experience for students, offering opportunities to participate in a variety of instrumental ensembles including:

  • Marching Band
  • Wind Symphony
  • Pep Band
  • Jazz Combo
  • String Ensemble

Various chamber groups may also be offered at the discretion of Faculty members. Students in each group will meet from 1— 3 days per week, followed by live performances through the semester.

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Vocal Studies

Our Vocal Studies Program offers you far more than just a solid foundation in vocal genres, styles and proper vocal techniques. Discover valuable performance exposure that extends beyond theatrical value but translates in important communications experience – vital to practically any career path. The NDC Vocal Studies Program offers one main Concert Choir, as well as two smaller, more intimate and advanced ensembles and Chamber Singers. Each ensemble meets one to two days per week, in addition to live performances and community outreach each semester.

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Dance Studies

Students interested in exploring creative movement and dance are invited to join our Dance Ensemble, meeting two days per week during the semester. The curriculum provides students with a foundation of knowledge and skills in dance techniques and dance academics. NDC Dance Ensemble offers a mixture of artistic and academic experiences. The Dance Ensemble produces one showcase each semester, consisting of a variety of performance styles and techniques at an advanced level. Additional performance and community outreach opportunities may be offered.

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Theatre Studies

Our Theatre Studies Program is a great supplement to a liberal arts education – preparing them for a wide range of career choices. The NDC Theatre Studies Program rehearses once per week with additional rehearsals leading up to a performance. Performance opportunities range from intimate plays to full-scale musicals. Students produce at least one production each semester.

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Audition Opportunities

Discover how you can lend your talent to one of Notre Dame College’s Performing Ensembles. Students not majoring in music or theatre must contact the appropriate departmental ensemble director to schedule an audition, prior to the beginning of the academic semester.

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