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Dance Studies

Program Overview: Dance

 The Notre Dame College Dance Team enhances student life and NDC spirit on campus and at Performing Arts and Athletic events. Dancers build long-lasting friendships, team camaraderie, and the opportunity to experience collaborative dance performances at its finest. Our dance team pride themselves on being a high-quality and high-energy group that focuses on precision and safety. Be a part of the action and help us dance Notre Dame College to victory.

Performing Arts Scholarships

As part of our dedication to Arts Education, Performing Arts Scholarships are available for incoming students. Take advantage of this remarkable opportunity NDC offers students, regardless of their academic interests or athletic involvement.

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Dance Audition Requirements

  • Two to three video examples of dancing skills (performance and/or choreography in varying styles)
  • Participate in an in-person audition your first year and a “mock audition” each year thereafter

Notre Dame Dance Classes

Intro to Dance

Tuesdays/Thursdays 9:00am – 10:15am
Prerequisites: None/Open to all students and all levels

Develop an understanding of dance techniques, movement styles, and dance as a creative art form and aesthetic practice. Students will build physical coordination, footwork/foot skills, strength, flexibility, balance, body awareness and an understanding of the basic principles of dance and movement.

Dance Ensembles

Tuesdays/Thursdays 4:30pm – 7pm

Hone a physical understanding of dance techniques, movement styles, and dance as a creative art form at a more advanced level through Dance Ensembles at NDC. Weight, momentum, alignment, breath, focus and muscular efficiency fundamentals will be perfected through weekly rehearsals, dance repertory, and dance productions.

Students with prior dance experience and sufficient fundamentals may not need to dance Intro to Dance to participate in an ensemble. Admission, including a potential audition and interview, is at the discretion of the director. Students may earn credits every semester for participation in Dance Ensembles.

To learn more about earning academic credits, see our latest course catalog.

Students participating in Dance Ensembles will perform at home basketball games, recitals, showcases and productions.

Build Character and Career

Your NDC education can waken and shape your passions, sharpen strengths and lead to a career path that is meaningful and rewarding. Discover your potential at NDC.