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Spotlight on

Performing Arts

at Notre Dame College

Home to a Family of Performers

Gain valuable artistic experience in a wide range of Performing Arts at Notre Dame College. Not only do we provide a program of progressive education for those pursuing a career in musical and creative fields, the NDC Performing Arts Program is also recognized for inclusivity, diversity and cultural equity – making for a well-rounded college experience for all students.

Whether you hope to build a professional career in performing arts or simply hope to connect with a creative outlet, Notre Dame offers an experience that allows you to hone your craft or simply lend your talent to a welcoming, family-like creative community with a deep respect for the performing arts – and we welcome you.

Onstage and Behind the Scenes

The Performing Arts Program at Notre Dame College prepares students for opportunities beyond center stage. From directing, to stage management, set design, composition and choreography – so much goes on behind the scenes.  NDC also offers a highly-collaborative, balanced curriculum that includes the exclusive opportunity to learn the business of artistic development and running a performing arts organization, including arts management and administration.

Explore Performing Arts at NDC

Discovering the NDC Performing Arts Programs can help you cultivate your talent and realize your dreams.

Build Character and Career

Your NDC education can waken and shape your passions, sharpen strengths and lead to a career path that is meaningful and rewarding. Discover your potential at NDC.