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Master of Science in Nursing Education

The graduate nursing program

  • Builds on the knowledge derived from the student’s undergraduate education and their professional experience,
  • Prepares the graduate for the educator role in acute care, community and academic settings,
  • Supports the students personal and professional development for effective leadership as nurse educator
  • Is taught by an experienced faculty with expertise as clinicians and educators,
  • Offered in a supportive online learning environment,

The program is based on core courses to build a conceptual foundation in
Nursing Theory

  • Evidence based Practice
  • Advanced Pathophysiology
  • Advanced Health Assessment
  • Advanced Pharmacology
  • Research/Informatics
  • Health Promotion
  • Health Care Systems and Ethics


The Nursing Education specialty courses encompass

  • Education theory
  • Curriculum Development
  • Principles of Teaching and learning
  • Assessment and Evaluation of learning
  • Health Policy and ethics

The Graduate nursing program is a 39 credit-hour program that includes 120 hours in a clinical practicum and a final capstone project designed to meet student learning needs in a selected area of nursing practice.

Graduates of the program will have the essential knowledge, skills and attributes necessary for further graduate education.

Program Learning Outcomes

Graduates of the MSN program will:

  1. Embody the role of educator within the nursing profession, the community, and the health care system.
  2. Communicate effectively with the health care professionals to develop and nurture collaborative relationships.
  3. Demonstrate clinical reasoning in the application of nursing and multidisciplinary theoretical frameworks to foster optimal client health outcomes.
  4. Analyze personal and organizational decision making utilizing an understanding of how ethics and values influence health care delivery.
  5. Demonstrate cultural competence that reflects sensitivity to human diversity in a dynamic academic and health care environment.
  6. Demonstrate competence in leadership roles and a commitment to ongoing professional development for the provision of quality, cost-effective health care, and the advancement of nursing practice.
  7. Utilize nursing research for the promotion of high quality nursing education, health care, and evidence based practice.

Master of Science in Nursing Courses

NR 500 Nursing Theory (3 credits)
NR 510 Advanced Pathophysiology (3 credits)
NR 520 Principles of Education in Nursing (3 credits)
NR 530 Research & Informatics (3 credits)
NR 535 Advanced Assessment (3 credits)
NR 540 Advanced Pharmacology (3 credits)
NR 550 Teaching & Learning (3 credits)
NR 560 Curriculum Development (3 credits)
NR 570 Heath Promotion (3 credits)
NR 580 Evaluation of Learning (3 credits)
NR 590 Health Care Systems & Ethics (3 credits)
NR 600 Capstone Project (3 credits)
NR 610 Practicum (3 credits)

Total: 39 Credits

MSN Curriculum Plan

Course descriptions available in the Graduate Catalog here.


Admission Requirements

The following criteria comprise the admissions requirements for the MSN program:

  • Complete the online application
  • Submit all required documents to the Division of Nursing d by the application deadline to receive priority review.  Files that are incomplete will not be considered for admission.
  • Complete baccalaureate degree with an upper division major in nursing from a program accredited by a nationally recognized nursing accrediting authority (CCNE or NLNAC).
  • Have a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0 (on a 4.0 scale) for the baccalaureate nursing degree.
    • Potential Candidates may be considered with a 2.75 for provisional acceptance for one term only with specific stipulations.
  • Hold a current unencumbered license as a Registered Nurse in good standing to practice professional nursing in the United States.
  • One year of experience as a registered nurse.
  • Three professional letters of recommendation completed by persons familiar with the applicant’s work experience, clinical skills and educational goals.
  • A two page essay that describes the applicants reasons for pursuing graduate study.
  • Submission of a resume or curriculum vitae (CV).

How To Apply

  • Complete our free online application.
  • Send all official transcripts.
  • Submit three professional letters of recommendation completed by persons who are familiar with the applicant’s work experience, clinical skills and educational goals.
  • Submit a two page essay that describes the applicants reasons for pursuing graduate study.
  • Submit a resume or curriculum vitae (CV).