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Student Teaching

Teacher candidates may only register for the 15-week student teaching experience in the fall or spring semesters. All teacher candidates must have a completed criminal record and background check prior to beginning student teaching. Teacher candidates must assume all costs associated with the background checks/fingerprinting. The results of the criminal background check may impact the candidate’s ability to complete the clinical component of the program.

Teacher candidates must have completed all required Education coursework except for ED 475 prior to student teaching.

The 15-week student teaching experience is considered a full time 40 hour-a-week position. Student teachers must attend the required clinical seminar and successfully complete a performance assessment detailing the candidate’s impact on P-12 student learning.

Students who are seeking a bachelor’s degree will take twelve (12) credits of student teaching. TEEL students will take six (6) credits of student teaching.  If they have already successfully completed a student teaching experience and hold a valid teaching license, candidates will do an 8-week practicum instead.

The degree earned and the diploma will be presented upon the successful completion of student teaching. If the student teacher independently and voluntarily chooses to terminate the student teaching placement and removes himself/herself from the student teaching classroom, the candidate will not receive an additional placement during the same semester or any subsequent semesters through Notre Dame College. If a student teacher is removed from a placement due to the request of the cooperating teacher or the school, the Division of Professional Education in consultation with the Office of Academic Affairs will determine whether an additional placement is warranted.