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Management Information Systems Major

Program Degree: 
Bachelor of Arts
Program Division: 
Business Administration
Program Department:
Business Administration

Program Outcomes: 
Students completing a major in Management Information Systems are prepared to function as professionals in the discipline or to continue their education in graduate school. The program is designed to provide students with a thorough understanding of the major aspects of information systems: problem analysis, solution generation, security concerns and the management of information systems in enterprises small and large. Learning outcomes for students are in accordance with recommendations from the Association for Computing Machinery’s Curricula Report.

Student Learning Outcomes

Students majoring in Management Information Systems will be able to:

  • Communicate effectively in oral, written and listening skills
  • Analyze and think critically, including creative and ethical analysis
  • Improve Organizational Processes
  • Critically evaluate and specify actions on current ethical issues in the Information Systems field
  • Collaborate and negotiate with others as well as perform successfully at the individual level
  • Demonstrate the ability to integrate high performance in the design and implementation of information systems solutions
  • Demonstrate knowledge and skills related to the management of ongoing information systems operations
  • Investigate and apply opportunities created by technology innovations
  • Identify and document information requirements
  • Identify, design and evaluate solution and sourcing alternatives
  • Demonstrate knowledge of how enterprise IT architecture is integrated, designed and managed
  • Develop, test and debug simple applications


Business Administration Core Courses + 24 credits in
the following:

BU 425 Project Management
IS 222 Programming Logic and Design
IS 310 Systems Analysis
IS 330 Information Technology Infrastructure
IS 340 Security, Ethics and Intellectual Property
IS 350 Database Management Systems
IS 435   Enterprise Architecture
Plus one upper level IS course

Recommended Coursework:
BU 388 Business Ethics
Plus one upper level IS course



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