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Department of Public Service and Security Studies

(Formerly the Department of History & Political Science)

One of the most common questions history students are asked is: “Why are you majoring in history?” On the surface, this seems like a simple question, but once you think about it you may find that it isn’t all that easy to answer. History is different things to different people, and even historians debate the meaning of historical events among themselves.

Ultimately, history is personal. History is a part of everyone’s life, and it affects us in ways we may not always think about. We live in a society that is the result of generations of development. The decisions, actions, attitudes, beliefs, knowledge, fears, hopes, and feelings of people who have come before us have brought about the world we live in today. Knowing about the past can help us both appreciate the present and understand how we as a people and a society have come to this point in time. Past experience, if carefully considered, may offer lessons for dealing with present day situations. Some might even argue that the past may offer clues to the future.

But what can you do with a degree in history? The simple answer is anything you want to do. People in widely diverse careers attribute their success to studying history as undergraduates. For example, people with undergraduate degrees in history work as attorneys and paralegals, in business, as writers and journalists, government officials, intelligence analysts, researchers, policy analysts, politicians, broadcasters, museum curators and teachers.

A list of career opportunities can be found here:

History majors at Notre Dame College also have the opportunity to work in numerous internships related to these careers. NDChistory majors have interned in law offices, courts, libraries and historical societies, banks, fusion centers, think tanks, and foreign embassies. Many NDC students who complete their undergraduate degrees in history, eventually go on to earn graduate degrees.

Public Service and Security Studies Department Majors

Public Service and Security Studies Department Minors

  • History-Greg Moore (
  • Political Science-Kelley Cronin ( )
  • Adolescent to Young Adult Teaching License in Integrated Social Studies

Criminal Justice Studies
Emergency Management Policy Studies