Public Relations Major

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51 Credits
Program Goal:

Graduates of the public relations program are prepared for entry level positions in PR for businesses and organizations, through an applied approach to the field of communication, and coursework in best practices and key skills. Students choose one public relations professional track in business or design.

Core Communication Requirements (21 credits):
CA 201 Interpersonal Communication
CA 220 Newswriting
CA 250 Mass Communication
CA 374 Presentation Techniques
CA 376 Intercultural Communication
CA 401 Communication Theory
CA 495 Cooperative Experience or Internship

Public Relations Requirements (18 credits):
BU 390 Advertising
CA 323 Media Writing
CA 324 Advanced Media Writing
CA 380 Organizational Communication/
PR Case Studies
CA 403 Public Relations Practicum
CA 410 TV/Radio

Professional Track Requirements (12 credits)
Students select one professional track in business or design and complete 12 credits in that track as indicated:

Business Track (12 credits from the following)
BU 230 Marketing Principles
BU 235 Management Information Systems
BU 240 Management Principles
BU 301 Consumer Behavior
BU 341 Human Resources Management
BU 345 Organizational Behavior
EC 100 Economics and Contemporary Issues
EC 201 Principles of Microeconomics
EC 202 Principles of Macroeconomics
IS 260 Computer Decision-Making Applications

Design Track (12 credits from the following)
AR 101 Drawing l
AR 114 Introduction to Graphic Design
AR/CA 209 Photography I
AR 210 Photography II
AR 221 Basic Design
AR 223 Graphic Design I
AR 224 Graphic Design II
AR 300 Graphic Design III
IS 243 Multimedia Development
IS 245 Website Design and Development


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