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English & Communication Department

English Department

The Notre Dame College English Program strives to develop students’ skills in writing, reading, researching, and critical thinking, while promoting personal responsibility and fostering appreciation for literature.

Program Outcomes:

  • Students will demonstrate effective writing skills that show their understanding of audience, fluency in vocabulary, effective organization, syntactic clarity and mastery of standard written English.
  • Students will demonstrate knowledge of inferential and critical reading of primary and secondary texts.
  • Students will demonstrate effective literary and critical research skills, including using relevant print and electronic sources in texts they produce. Student writing will also demonstrate competency in MLA style.
  • Students will demonstrate understanding of the changing nature of language, and the structure, functions, and history of the English language, especially American and British dialects.
  • Students will demonstrate refined public speaking skills.
  • Students will demonstrate an understanding of diverse cultural values by analyzing literature that has shaped and continues to influence the culture of English speaking people.
  • Students will demonstrate knowledge of major authors and literary movements in Great Britain and the United States.
  • Students will demonstrate knowledge and understanding of literary theory, criticism and genre study in their analyses of texts.
  • Graduates of the English program are prepared for employment and/or graduate studies with refined skills in reading, problem solving, critical thinking, effective writing and ethical decision making. In addition, they are engaged with and appreciate literature and the performing arts.
  • English majors are ready to apply to master’s programs in literary or composition studies or to law school. They are also ready to enter wide variety of careers including writing, developing fields of journalism (print, broadcast and electronic), advertising, sales and marketing, human resources and non-profits.
  • An English major who also earns Licensure in Integrated Language Arts is ready to teach literature and writing in grades 7-12, as well as classes and extracurricular activities in speech, drama, media and journalism. Some English/ILA majors earn master’s degrees in English literature or composition studies, and others earn advanced degrees in Education.

Communication Department

Program Goals:

Graduates of the communication program are qualified to pursue graduate studies or a variety of careers requiring problem-solving, critical thinking, critical listening, and inferential reading. Graduates demonstrate effective speaking and writing skills in a variety of contexts. With a broad and integrated approach to the field of communication, including coursework in both process and theory, students will be prepared for graduate study in the field as well as for related areas such as journalism, law, mediation, and other disciplines.

English and Communication Department Majors

English and Communication Department Minors