Studio Art Major

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48 Credits

Program Outcomes:

  • Studio art majors will experiment with a variety of techniques and media and demonstrate mastery over several studio skills. Mastery of skills will be displayed in the form of a senior art exhibition.
  • Studio art majors will develop, apply and create works which demonstrate their creativity and mastery skills in the form of a senior portfolio. This portfolio will prepare students for art competition or job interviews and serve as a record of technical range and style.
  • Studio art majors will summarize their design and creative thinking process in both oral and written form as part of their senior portfolio review.

Total Credits for Studio art: 48 Credits

AR 101 Drawing
AR 114 Introduction to Graphic Design
AR 209 Photography I
AR 221 Basic Design
AR 222 Color and Design
AR 311 Art History I: Ancient to Medieval
AR 312 Art History II: Renaissance to Modern
AR 325 Printmaking I
AR 341 Painting I
AR 371 Three-Dimensional Design
AR 377 Ceramics I
AR 490 Professional Practices
AR 491 Senior Studio I
AR 492 Senior Studio II

Emphasis: Three Credits

All studio art majors are required to select an area of concentration after completing foundation courses and prior to AR 490 and AR 491. Students may select from the list below for a concentration.

AR 102 Drawing II
AR 210 Photography II
AR 326 Printmaking II
AR 342 Painting II
AR 378 Ceramics II

Required: Three Credits
AR 480 Studio Emphasis

Studio art majors will receive a portfolio review after
the completion of the foundation art courses:

AR 101, 114, 209, 221, 222, 325, 341, 371 and 377 and before they are permitted to register for AR 491.  A professional portfolio is required as part of the course work in AR 491 and is presented before the entire art faculty. A senior art show is required of all studio art majors and must be presented prior to graduation and after taking AR 491 and 492.

E.g., 06/24/19
E.g., 06/24/19