Graphic Design Major with a Concentration in Studio Art

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60 Credits


In addition to functioning as visual communication, the graphic arts also include the highest form of visual self expression. Many designers are known for their personal contributions in the field of design. Many designers think of themselves first as artists which is more inclusive of a broad range of visual endeavors. The creative life of a designer is essential and finds its muse in related artistic pursuits and supports the creative range of any designer called on to provide creative services.

Core Art Requirements: 33 Credits

AR 101 Drawing 1

AR 114 Introduction to Graphic Design

AR 209 Photography 1

AR 222 Color and Design

AR 223 Graphic Design 1 (Typography)

AR 224 Graphic Design 2 (Type and Image)

AR 300 Graphic Design 3 (Art of the Poster)

AR 314 Impressionism to Now

AR 325 Printmaking 1

AR 371 Three Dimensional Design

AR 400 Graphic Design 4 (Thesis and Packaging)

Studio Art Electives: Nine Credits in elective courses for a concentration in Studio Art

AR 102 Drawing 2

AR 210 Photography 2

AR 326 Printmaking 2

AR 342 Painting 2

AR 378 Ceramics 2

AR 480 (Studio area of concentration)

Senior Studio: 3 Credits

AR 491 Senior Studio

Technology Requirements: Nine Credits in elective courses

IS 243 Multimedia Development

IS 245 Website Design and Development

IS 443 Advanced Multimedia Design

Business Requirements: Three Credits

BU 301 Consumer Behavior

BU 390 Advertising

Co-op Requirements: Three Credits

AR 295

AR 395

AR 495


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