Graphic Design Major with a Concentration in Public Relations

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60 Credits


The Graphic Design Major often finds employment within Public Relations firms and often works closely with Public Relations in general. Graphic Designers who have specific interests in developing their experience and overall Public Relations focus within the Graphic Design discipline would be able to better take advantage of the Business Administration and Communication resources available here at Notre Dame College. Graphic Design Program Outcomes: please refer to the Graphic Design Major.

Core Art Requirements: 33 Credits

AR 101 Drawing 1

AR 114 Introduction to Graphic Design

AR 209 Photography 1

AR 222 Color and Design

AR 223 Graphic Design 1 (Typography)

AR 224 Graphic Design 2 (Type and Image)

AR 300 Graphic Design 3 (Art of the Poster)

AR 314 Impressionism to Now

AR 325 Printmaking 1

AR 371 Three Dimensional Design

AR 400 Graphic Design 4 (Thesis and Packaging)

Public Relations Requirements: 12 Credits

CA 220 Newswriting

(this is a prerequisite for the following three courses)

CA 403 Public Relations

CA 323 Media Writing

CA 380 Advanced Media Writing

Technology Requirements: Nine Credits in elective courses

IS 243 Multimedia Development

IS 245 Website Design and Development

IS 443 Advanced Multimedia

Co-op Requirements: Three Credits

AR 295

AR 395

AR 495

Psychology Electives: Three Credits in elective courses

PY 201 General Psychology

(Social Science for General Education)

PY 255 Multicultural Psychology

(PY 201 prerequisite)

PY 301 Psychology of Gender Differences

(PY 201 and sophomore standing or departmental permission.)

E.g., 06/24/19
E.g., 06/24/19