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Game Design

Program Degree: 
Bachelor of Arts
Program Division: 
Art and Humanities
Program Department: 

Game Design Concentration: 21 additional credits

Program Outcomes:

In keeping with the mission and the purposes of Notre Dame College, the Graphic Design program offers students a liberal education that enables them to think critically, observe analytically and form interpretations in dealing with issues of visual communication and the culture and purposes that it serves. The course content provides students with the tools to develop professional visual communication

competency and personal communication proficiency, so that they can interact with the industry and compete in the global community.

As a result of the concentration and in alignment with the Graphic Design major, students will be able to demonstrate the following skills:

  • Students will understand the elements of game design: aesthetics, mechanics, story and technology.
  • Students will understand the methods and rules of game design.
  • Students will differentiate types of games, educational and entertainment.
  • Students will analyze educational assessment of game design.
  • Students will participate in and experience the creative process through teamwork.
  • Students will participate in the processes of design including brainstorming.
  • Students will gain insight into the creative process through improvisation.
  • Students will design and implement a senior capstone collaborative project.


Graphic Design Major: 51 Credits

Core Art Requirements: 36 Credits

AR 101 Drawing I

AR 114 Introduction to Graphic Design

AR 209 Photography I

AR 221 Basic Design

AR 222 Color and Design

AR 223 Graphic Design I

AR 224 Graphic Design 2

AR 300 Graphic Design 3

AR 314 Impressionism to Now

AR 325 Printmaking I

AR 371 Three Dimensional Design

AR 400 Graphic Design 4 (Thesis and Packaging)

Technology Requirements: 9 credits

IS 243 Multimedia Development

IS 245 Website Design and Development

IS 443 Advanced Multimedia Design

Business Requirements: 3 credits

BU 301 Consumer Behavior or

BU 390 Advertising

Co-Op Requirements: 3 credits

AR 295

AR 395

AR 495

Game Design concentration prerequisites: 9 credits

MA 221 Statistics

IS 222 Programming Logic and Design

PY 201 General Psychology

Game Design Courses: 12 credits

CA 260 Improvisational Acting

AR 215 Introduction to Game Production

AR 225 Fundamentals of Game Design

AR 450 Senior Collaborative Projects OR AR 491 Senior Studio