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Women’s Studies Minor

Students who minor in women’s studies will explore women’s contributions, women’s experiences, and feminist theory and be able to integrate these insights into their academic major and their view of the world. Students interested in a women’s studies minor are encouraged to choose elective courses which complement their major fields of study and to discuss course selection with their academic advisor and with the director of the Women’s Studies Program.

15 Credits
Program Outcomes:
Students with a minor in women’s studies will:

  1. Be familiar with the history of women from prehistoric times to the present.
  2. Appreciate the achievements of women in academics, in the arts, and in diverse areas of culture and morality.
  3. Explore issues flowing from the social construct of gender.
  4. Awaken women and men to reflect on their own sense of self and on interrelationships.
  5. Prepare persons of competence and compassion for a more just and equitable society.

WS 301/HI 301 History and Themes of the Women’s Movement

12 credits from the following:
AR 313 Women Artists
EN 381 Women Playwrights
EN 382 Women Writers
PY 301 Psychology of Gender Differences
SO 320 Marriage and the Family
PH 340 Philosophical Perspectives on Woman

Other courses designated as electives for the women’s studies minor may be offered as selected topics or seminars and will be announced in a timely fashion.