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Theology Major

36 Credits

Students with a major in theology are prepared for employment in pastoral ministry or religious education as well as for graduate studies. The combination of theology and pastoral ministry courses adds a practical, service and justice-oriented focus that enriches students’ study of theology. Theology majors desiring to teach religion in high school consult with the Director of the Center for Pastoral Theology and Ministry for current licensing requirements in the Catholic Diocese of Cleveland.

Program Outcomes:

Students with a theology major will:

Understand and appreciate scripture, doctrine, liturgy, and moral theology in the light of Vatican Council II.
Be articulate spokespersons for critical thought in theological matters and for spiritual growth.
Apply theological knowledge in a specific ministerial setting.
Respond in practical ways to the needs of people and the earth.

TH 321 Old Testament Theology
TH 322 New Testament Theology
TH 327 Prayer and Spirituality
TH 410 Christian Moral Living
TH 420 The Jesus of History, The Christ of Faith
PM 301 Sacraments in Christian Life
PM 311 Church History
PM 332 Nature of the Church
TH 495 Cooperative Education

Plus additional credits in Upper Biennium Theology or Pastoral Ministry to total 36 credits. TH 450 is included in the 36 credits.

Pastoral Ministry courses with theology content fulfill theology requirements.