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Sport Management Major

Program Outcomes:
Students completing a major in Sport Management are prepared to function as professionals in the field. Students will develop strengths in specific fields involving the management of sports. They will be prepared for graduate study or employment in sport management, sports facilities management, sports information or sports marketing.

Student Learning Outcomes

Students majoring in Sport Management will be able to:

  • Effectively apply a variety of oral and written business and professional communications styles.
  • Develop and use critical thinking models in order to analyze and solve problems in the sport industry.
  • Identify ethical dilemmas within the sport industry and display the conviction to act responsibly to one’s self, organization, and to the end users.
  • Effectively apply technology to analyze and interpret data and understand its power within the sport industry.
  • Work effectively in teams and appreciate and promote individual differences in all dimensions of diversity including ethnicity, gender, age, physical and abilities, sexual orientation, race, and religion.

All students take a core of courses in the fields of Business Administration and Sport Management.
Selected Business Administration Core (41 Credits):
BU 155 Principles of Accounting I
BU 156 Principles of Accounting II
BU 230 Marketing Principles
BU 235 Management Information Systems
BU 240 Management Principles
BU 360 Corporate Finance
BU 395, 495 Internship
BU 473 Business Law I
EC 201 Microeconomics
EC 202 Macroeconomics
IS 260 Computer Decision-Making
MA 221 Statistics

Sport Management Core (24 Credits):
BU 270 Sport Industry: Cultural and Sociological Perspectives
BU 348 Sports Events, Sponsorship and Promotions
BU 462 Legal Issues in Sports
BU 463 Sport Program Administration
BU 465 Sport Facilities Management
HP 321 Applied Exercise Physiology*
PY 201 General Psychology
PY 235 Sports Psychology

* Prerequisite is BI 230/231 Basic Anatomy and Physiology which fulfills the student’s Scientific Inquiry requirement of the Core Curriculum.

In addition to the above courses, each student is encouraged to complete one or more minors in specific, related interest areas. Typical minors include Coaching, Communications, Management, Marketing and Psychology.