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Psychology Major

Students completing a major in psychology will be prepared for graduate-level work in clinical, experimental and/or applied psychology and for entry level positions in the mental health care field and/or working in behavioral research laboratories. Psychology coursework is also appropriate for students planning careers in education, law, nursing, business, criminal justice, and intelligence analysis.

Mission Statement:
Students majoring in psychology at Notre Dame College will seek to understand behavior and mental processes by exploring the individual in a biopsychosocial context free of biases and judgment. One main goal of the psychology major is the development, in the student, of a healthy skepticism and intellectual curiosity by asking questions about the causes of human behavior. Most importantly, we encourage application of knowledge to empower students to make responsible and thoughtful decisions in all areas of life to enhance the mind, the body and the spirit.

Program Goals for the Psychology Major:
When students complete the psychology major they will be able to:

  1. Characterize the nature of psychology as a discipline.
  2. Understand and apply basic research methods in psychology including research design, data analysis and data interpretation.
  3. Think critically and synthesize information that characterizes the discipline of psychology.
  4. Understand and apply psychological principles to personal, social and organizational issues.
  5. Value empirical evidence, tolerate ambiguity, act ethically and reflect the values that are the underpinning of psychology as a science.
  6. Demonstrate competence in seeking information (academic peer-reviewed literature) and technological literacy (word processing, excel, PowerPoint).
  7. Communicate effectively in written and oral form with emphasis on APA format for written communication.
  8. Recognize, understand and respect the complexity of sociocultural and international diversity.
  9. Develop insight into their own and other’s behavior and mental processes and apply effective strategies or self-management and self improvement.
  10. Actively participate in their career planning and development.

49 Credits


A. Psychology Core:

PY 201 General Psychology
PY 202 Psychology Foundations
PY 222 Behavioral Science Statistics
PY 251 Lifespan Development
PY 307 Behavioral Science Research Methods
PY 325 Biopsychology
PY 385 Psychological Tests and Measurements
PY 498 Senior Seminar

B. Two courses from each of the four areas of concentration
Psychology Concentrations:
1. Clinical/Counseling

PY 303 Counseling Theories and Practice
PY 355 Psychology of Family Systems
PY 370 Psychology of the Abnormal
PY 375 Psychology of Personality
PY 406 Group Dynamics and the Problem Solving Process

2. Psychology of Special Populations

PY 253 Child Psychology
PY 254 Psychology of the Adolescent
PY 255 Multicultural Psychology
PY 351 Adult Development and Aging
PY 301 Psychology of Gender Differences
PY 378 Mental Health and Aging
PY 399 Developmental Psychopathology

3. Psychology as a Science

PY 210 Social Psychology
PY 340 Learning and Memory
PY 380 Cognitive Psychology
PY 425 Sensation and Perception

4. Applied Psychology

PY 235 Sport Psychology
PY 260 Industrial/Organizational Psychology
PY 330 Health Psychology
PY 360 Forensic and Law Psychology
PY 390 Applied Cognition and Human Factors

C. Psychology Electives:

Courses in the Psychology Electives section are optional for students who are interested in pursuing Research or Practical Experiences in preparation for graduate training and/or a career in counseling.

This Program is Offered Online

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