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Nursing Major (Pre-Licensure)

In addition to the general education requirements noted in the undergraduate catalog, the following courses are required for the Pre-Licensure Nursing major.

Prerequisites (25-28 Credits):
BI 204/205  Human Anatomy & Physiology I with Lab
BI 206/207  Human Anatomy & Physiology II with Lab
CH 106/107 Principles of Inorganic Chemistry with Lab
CH 116/117 Principles of Organic & Biological Chemistry with Lab
EN 100/101 Basic Principles of Expository Writing
EN 110 Advanced Composition: Expository Writing
PY 201 General Psychology
MA 110 Intermediate Algebra

Nursing Major (Pre-Licensure) Courses (63-64 Credits):
NR 200 Health Assessment Across the Lifespan
NR 215 Foundations of Nursing I
NR 216 Foundations of Nursing II
NR 225 Pharmacology & Pathophysiology
NR 310 Evidence Based Practice
NR 320 Adult Nursing Practice
NR 330 Mental Health Nursing
NR 340 Family Nursing
NR 410 Health Care Policy in Complex Adaptive Systems
NR 420 Community/Populations Nursing Practice
NR 430 Nursing Care of Adults/Families with Complex Health Alterations
NR 450 Gerontology
NR 460 Health Care Leadership/Management
NR 461 Professional Practicum

Nursing Elective (2-3 Credits), Select one:
NR 470/471 Holistic Nursing
NR 472/473 Selected Topics in Nursing
NR 474/475 International Nursing: A Global Perspective

Support Courses (16 Credits): 
BI 240/241 General Microbiology with Lab
CA 100 Elements of Speech
HP 216 Nutrition in Health & Disease
MA 221 Statistics I
PY 251 Lifespan Development
SO 201 Introduction to Sociology