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Music Minor

Music Minor (Instrumental, Vocal)

The Performing Arts at Notre Dame College consist of various offerings in Music & Theatre, offering students an opportunity to express themselves through performance, while also stimulating their creativity and critical thinking. The Performing Arts further enhance a student’s commitment to a liberal arts education by encouraging creative thought patterns, differentiated problem solving, and increased connection to extra-curricular and co-curricular offerings at Notre Dame College.

The Minors combines the experience of live performance in a Notre Dame College Music or Theatre Ensemble with coursework in Music and/or Theatre. Students can add a Minor to demonstrate an understanding of performance art, to further their ability to develop lifelong creativity, and to apply critical thinking abilities to their Major Degree Program.

Course Requirements

Minor in Music, Instrumental or Vocal (Does require audition
18 Credits of Music

  • 6 credits must be from upper biennium courses
  • 3 credits must be applied lessons

18 Credits from any of the following courses (6 credits must be from upper biennium courses):

Music Courses
MU 103Intro to Musicianship(3 Credits)
MU 203Music Theory – Diatonic(3 Credits)
MU 211/212Music History I, II(3-6 Credits)
MU 213Jazz Appreciation(3 Credits)
MU 214 or MU 160Music Now and Then/Music Appreciation(3 Credits)
MU 220History of Rock & Roll(3 Credits)
MU 303Music Arranging and Composition(3 Credits)
MU 311Survey or Choral Literature(3 Credits)
MU 316Survey of Instrumental Literature(3 Credits)
Applied Music: Up to 3 Credits total for Applied Music count towards Minor
MU #80Applied Music: Composition(1 Credit)
MU #81Applied Music: Guitar(1 Credit)
MU #82Applied Music: Percussion/Mallet(1 Credit)
MU #83Applied Music: Strings(1 Credit)
MU #84Applied Music: Brass(1 Credit)
MU #85Applied Music: Woodwind(1 Credit)
MU #96Applied Music: Piano(1 Credit)
MU #97Applied Music: Voice(1 Credit)
Performance Courses: Up to 3 Credits total for Performing Ensembles count towards Minor
MU #10Concert Choir(1 Credit)
MU #11Chamber Singers(1 Credit)
MU #15Wind Symphony/Marching Band(1 Credit)
TR #05Theatre Production(1 Credit)
DA #00Dance Ensemble(1 Credit)


*Performing Ensembles [MU#15/#10,TR#01, DA#00] and Applied Music are courses with levels based on progression in the specific performance and applied area. The identification of  “up to 3 credits” is meant to limit the application of credits taken in these courses towards the minor. While the student can earn credits in every semester they take part in a performing ensemble or applied music, only 3 of those credits can be used towards the minor, thereby ensuring that students will gain a well-rounded experience in the other coursework offered.


Performance Requirement

Performing Arts Minor, Music Minor, and Theatre Minor students must participate in a Notre Dame College based Performing Arts Program (Instrumental, Vocal, or Theatre) during each semester of attendance.

*Alternative approval for this requirement can be reviewed by the Executive Director of Performing Arts.