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Mild Moderate Intervention Specialist (MMIS) (K-12)

Notre Dame College’s Mild Moderate Intervention Specialist (MMIS) License, a field-based program, prepares Special Education teachers with the knowledge, skills and dispositions required to successfully meet the educational needs of students with mild and moderate disabilities in K-12 inclusion, resource and intervention classrooms. The program is designed to meet the Council for Exceptional Children (CEC) initial accreditation standards, NCATE standards and requirements for licensure as a Mild Moderate Intervention Specialist in the State of Ohio. Candidates complete 61 credit hours of course work in professional and special education, pass the Principles of Learning and Teaching Test with a qualifying score of 168 and the Praxis II II Special Education: Core Knowledge and Applications. Ohio requires that 80% of program completers pass the Praxis.

Throughout their preparation program, the candidates relate their practice to the Ohio Standards for the Teaching Profession. The Ohio standards cluster in three categories: teaching and learning, conditions for teaching and learning and professional work. A faculty team works together to create a cohesive learning experience for the candidates that reflects the real world work of the special education intervention specialist and builds on research-based best practice. The teacher candidates focus on the CEC Standards and the Ohio Office of Exceptional Children and Ohio Department of Education (ODE) recommendations for licensure. Notre Dame College’s MMIS program has set the bar high.

General Content Requirements:
Natural Sciences (2)

Biological Science: one course with lab
Physical Science: one course with lab
Courses in the following areas or their equivalents are HIGHLY RECOMMENDED:
BI 200/201 Environmental Science and Lab
BI 105/106 Introduction to Biological Science
and Lab
CH 220/221 Earth Science and Lab

Social and Behavioral (4)
HI 110 Western Cultures from 1500
HI 200 Major Themes in American History
GO 200 World Geography
PY 201 General Psychology

Mathematics (2)
MA 130 Elementary Number Theory
MA 131 Geometry, Probability and Statistics from an Elementary Point of View
Fine Arts (1)
AR 221 Basic Design
AR 280 Art Appreciation: A Studio Approach

Professional Education Core (9 courses)
ED 202 Introduction to Education
ED 203 Field Experience for ED 202
ED 204 Educational Psychology
ED 205 Psychology of Student with Special Needs
ED 206 Field Experience for ED 205
ED 301 Integrated Technology Across the Curriculum
ED 341 Curriculum Principles Pre-K – 12
ED 342 Integrated Methods Pre-K -12
ED 475 Issues in Education

Mild Moderate Intervention Specialist Core
(11 courses)

ED 221 The Role of Phonics in Reading
ED 330 Collaborative Teaming
ED 335 Reading in the Content Areas
ED 352 Student Class Management
ED 353 Assessment of Special Needs
ED 354 Instructional Strategies in Mild Moderate
ED 355 Assessment and Correction of Reading Disabilities
ED 357 Field Experience for ED 354
ED 376 Developmental Reading Instruction in Early Childhood Education
ED 380 Field Experience for Reading Core
ED 414 Student Teaching: Mild Moderate Intervention Specialist

This Program is Offered Online

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