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International Business Major

Program Outcomes:
Students completing a major in International Business are prepared to function as creative leaders in various positions in a global society. The Notre Dame College graduate possesses technical skills and is also capable of dealing with the many career changes that they will face. In most cases, students who major in international business must declare another major in business, as functional business skills such as accounting, information systems and marketing are important for initial career placement and emphasized more in the early stages of business careers. International skills are generally utilized after mastering functional skills.

The International Business Program at NDC will develop in students a confidence in and the commitment to their own core values with a respect and appreciation of the beliefs, customs and values of peoples in individual countries and regions around our globe. Students will   be able to conduct themselves personally and professionally with skills essential to communicating and functioning effectively in multicultural and international business organizations.

Student Learning Outcomes

Students majoring in International Business will be able to:

  • Communicate effectively in both written and oral forms in multicultural venues
  • Critically analyze the global inter-relationships of economic activities, markets and private and public sector entities in a global perspective
  • Integrate personal ethics and values in economic decision making of multicultural and international organizations
  • Apply technology to macro and micro-economic research, evaluation and conclusions
  • Perform productively, both independently and collaboratively, within organizational structures to achieve common goals

Business Administration Core Courses + 24 credits in the following:

Six of the following eight courses (18 credits): 
BU 450 Global Marketing
EC 305 Comparative Economic Systems
EC 331 Money, Banking and Global Financial Markets
EC 440 International Economics
EC 442 International Finance
PO 311 Comparative Politics
PO 312 International Relations
PO 411 International Law

Plus ONE of the following three components (6 credits):

1. Completion of the 3rd year of a second language
2. At least one semester of study abroad including one upper biennium business course with the approval of the Division Chair
3. An international internship in a country other than one’s home country with the approval of the Division Chair

Recommended Coursework: 
BU 388 Business Ethics
HI 332 Transformation of Japan: Feudalism to Nationhood
HI 333 The Middle East: From Islam to Nationalism
HI 334 The Making of Modern China
HI 336 Latin America: A Regional History
TH 370 Religions of the World