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History Major with a Pre-Law Emphasis


Students interested in preparing for law school are wise to choose a rigorous History major which will help develop exceptional strength in critical reading and writing, logical reasoning, analytical thought, research skills and moral responsibility to oneself and others. Because there is no specific pre-law major, students are encouraged to establish regular communication with an academic advisor as soon as possible in order to ensure the best possible preparation through course work, cooperative education, advising and pre-professional testing.


EN 210 Critical Writing
HI 110 Western Cultures from 1500 .
HI 200 Major Themes in American History
HI 450 Senior Research Seminar
HI 495 Cooperative Education Project

An additional eighteen (18) hours in History are required. Six (6) credits must be completed in Political Science. Three of the eighteen (18) credits in History must be from the following courses: HI 210, HI 330, HI 332, HI 333, HI 334.

Although only one social science class is required, students planning to study law need a strong background in the social sciences and the humanities. Therefore, it is strongly recommended to choose as many courses as possible from this list:

PO 111 Introduction to Politics and Government
PO 210 American Government
HI/PO 315 American Constitutional Law (highly recommended)
SO 201 Introduction to Sociology
SO 310 Social Institutions
SO 425 Conflict Management and Resolution (recommended)
PY 201 General Psychology (highly recommended)
PY 210 Social Psychology
PY 375 Psychology of Personality

Any 300 level or higher course in literature.

The following electives are also recommended:
BU 155, 156 Accounting Principles I and II
BU 435 Business and Government
CA 201 Interpersonal Communication
CA 374 Presentation Techniques (recommended)