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Health Education/ Physical Education

The ultimate goal of health education is to enable individuals to use knowledge in ways that promote positive behavioral change; therefore, the mission of the department is to empower students to make healthful choices in all dimensions of their lives. Students are encouraged to explore health-related problems confronting contemporary society so as to enable them to make effective decisions concerning their own health and that of their family and community.

General education requirements include a personal health and wellness course for all entering students. Additional opportunities exist for a more in-depth study of health-related fitness and wellness.
Program Outcomes:

Students who have completed coursework will be able to:

  • Define, understand and value health and wellness as the dynamic interaction of the following dimensions: physical, emotional, social, spiritual, occupational and environmental.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of health concepts and skills in all six dimensions.
  • Value and integrate new behaviors that will promote lifelong health and wellness.
  • Develop skills to critically evaluate and analyze health information with regard to its potential benefit to self and society.

Health Education Minor

22-25 Credits
This is an excellent minor for individuals interested in positively influencing the health behavior of individuals and communities in the public or private sector. Students completing a minor in health education will demonstrate evidence of achieving the program goals stated above.

BI 230, 231 Anatomy and Physiology
HP 110 Wellness for College Life
HP 112 Lifetime Wellness
HP 213 Stress Management
HP 215 Nutrition for Sport, Fitness, Health
HP 310 Health Psychology
HP 315 Understanding Sexuality
HP 321 Applied Exercise Physiology

Recommended Electives:
HP 153 Care and Prevention of Athletic Injuries
PY 254 Adolescent Psychology
PY 351 Psychology of Adult Development
SO 425 Conflict Management