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Criminal Justice Studies

45 Credits

Criminal justice at Notre Dame College is a broad interdisciplinary approach to the study of crime and justice. Grounded in the liberal arts, students will learn to formulate policy responses to a myriad of important issues including crime, violence, delinquency, and victims’ rights. Criminal Justice graduates will find a healthy industry job outlook. This degree prepares students for careers in law enforcement, federal service agencies, the courts, corrections, homeland security, victim advocacy, and the security industry.

Student Learning Outcomes
Students completing the major in Criminal Justice Studies will be able to:

  • Describe and analyze the basic structure of the U.S. Criminal Justice System including police, courts, corrections, and victims.
  • Critique the criminal justice system including the legal, theoretical, and public policy issues that impact it.
  • Compare and contrast contemporary justice issues through the application of current theories and literature as they impact the American CJ system.
  • Construct and evaluate research designs and methods that evaluate agency programs, or investigate empirical or theoretical issues relating to justice studies.
  • Articulate knowledge and appreciation for diversity (including, but not limited to race, culture, ethnicity, gender, religion) and its effects within the context of the criminal justice system.


39 credits

CJ 131 American Criminal Justice
CJ 231 Courts and Justice
CJ 233 Criminal Law
CJ 235 Theory and Applied Criminology
CJ 333 The Role of Police in Contemporary Society
CJ 334 Corrections in America
CJ 430 Criminal Justice Policy Analysis & Planning
CJ 432 Ethics in Criminal Justice
CJ 450 Senior Research Seminar
CJ 495 Senior Practicum
CJ 499 Victimology
PO 210 State and Local Government and Politics
PO 350 Introduction to Social Science Research

6 credits
Students must choose 6 electives. These may be selected from criminal justice, political science or intelligence studies courses. Suggested electives include:

CJ 335 Organized and White Collar Crime
PO 415 Politics of Homeland Security
IP 350 Terrorism

This Program is Offered Online

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