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Chemistry-Bachelor of Arts Major

57 Credits 
The Bachelor of Arts degree in chemistry is designed for those students who seek a strong background in chemistry, but who anticipate a career in a related area such as health sciences, pharmacology, chemical management, secondary education, chemical information systems, technical publications/communication, patent law, or environmental technology

Students are strongly encouraged to select a minor that would enhance their studies and job opportunities such as Biology, Business Administration, Communication, Economics, Information Systems, Management, Marketing, Mathematics, and Writing. Consult the catalog listing in the appropriate discipline for specific requirements.

CH 118General Chemistry I4
CH 119General Chemistry I Lab1
CH 120General Chemistry II4
CH 121General Chemistry II Lab1
CH 211Organic Chemistry I3
CH 213Organic Chemistry I Lab1
CH 214Organic Chemistry II3
CH 215Organic Chemistry II Lab1
CH 305Biochemistry I3
CH 306Biochemistry I Lab1
CH 310Quantitative Analysis3
CH 311Quantitative Analysis Laboratory1
CH 344Analytical Chemistry I3
CH 345Analytical Chemistry I Laboratory1
CH 360Physical Chemistry I3
CH 361Physical Chemistry I Lab1
CH 395, 495Internship3
CH 427Coordinating Seminar in Chemistry2
MA 175Calculus I4
MA 176Calculus II4
PS 200College Physics I4
PS 201College Physics I Lab1
PS 202College Physics II4
PS 203College Physics II Lab1