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Biology-Bachelor of Science Major

This program will prepare students for graduate studies and research, medicine, podiatry, dentistry, veterinary medicine, allied health and applied biology. Graduates will have acquired a broad foundation of knowledge in the biological and physical sciences as well as the ability to use this knowledge.

BI 110, 111,
112, 113 General Biology and Lab
BI 260, 261 Ecology and Lab
BI 270, 271 Cell Biology and Lab
BI 481 or 482 Coordinating Seminar
CH 111, 113,
114, 115 College Chemistry and Lab
CH 211, 213,
214, 215 Organic Chemistry and Lab
MA 175 Calculus I
MA 221 Statistics I
PS 180, 181,
182, 183 Basic Physics and Lab
PS 200, 201,
202, 203 College Physics and Lab

Plus 18 additional credits in Biology selected with academic advisor’s approval, with at least two courses from each of the two groups below:

Group A – Cell and Molecular Biology
BI 305, 306 Biochemistry I and Lab
BI 340, 341 Parasitology and Lab
BI 350 Genetics
BI 360, 361 Microbiology and Lab
BI 430 Immunology

Group B – Organismal Biology
BI 300, 301 Mammalian Anatomy and
Physiology I and Lab
BI 302, 303 Mammalian Anatomy and
Physiology II and Lab
BI 320 Evolution
BI 322 Animal Behavior
BI 460 Endocrinology

Notre Dame College is located in an area known for its major research universities and hospitals. Students are strongly encouraged to apply for summer research work in these facilities. These experiences provide the student with additional learning opportunities, work experience, summer employment, career exploration possibilities, and, in some circumstances, academic credit from Notre Dame College.