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Adolescent to Young Adult License (Gr. 7 – 12) And Major in Integrated Social Studies

51 Credits


EC 201 Principles of Microeconomics
EC 202 Principles of Macroeconomics
HI 110 Western Cultures from 1500
HI 200 Major Themes in American History
HI 450 Senior Research Seminar
PO 111 American Government and Politics
PO 210 State and Local Government and Politics
PO 311 Comparative Politics



GO 200 World Geography


American History:

Choose two from the following:

EC 304 Economic History of the United States
HI 310 From Colonies to Nation
HI 311 Forging the American Nation
HI 312 America Ascendant
HI/PO 315 American Constitutional Law
HI 410 American Diplomacy
HI 411 African-American History


European History:

Choose one from the following:

HI 320 The Classical World and the Transition to Feudalism
HI 321 Renaissance to Revolution
HI 322 “Isms”, Revolution and Imperial Expansion
HI 325 The Passing of the Old Order


World Civilizations:

Choose one of the following:

HI 210 Anthropology
HI 330 Africa: A Continental History
HI 332 The Transformation of Japan
HI 333 The Middle East: From Islam to Nationalism
HI 334 The Making of Modern China
HI 336 Latin America: A Regional History


American Political Development:

Choose one from the following:

EC 432 Public Finance
PO 313 Public Policy in America
PO/HI 315 American Constitutional Law


The Interconnected World:

Choose two from the following:

EC 305 Comparative Economic Systems
EC 440 International Economics
PO 312 International Relations
PO 410 American Diplomacy
PO 411 International Law