The President in the Classroom

His Teaching Philosophy

I believe that entrepreneurship is a subject that can be taught; in my classes I provide students a variety of different ways to be involved in the discipline. I want students to explore the entrepreneurial journey, seeing how other entrepreneurs from throughout the world embarked on creating a product or service and what it took to bring that to market. I want students to understand the steps of that journey from the formation of the idea to exit, and I want them to understand the difficulty of that path. I want students to learn from other entrepreneurs, which is the reason that I bring guest speakers into classes. I want students to experience entrepreneurship, which is the reason I include experiential learning opportunities in my classes.  I want students to understand that entrepreneurship is more than just the startup, which is why I include a discussion of corporate innovation and entrepreneurship in my classes. And I want students to understand that many times, we learn from when we fail, which is why I also include a discussion on failure in my entrepreneurship classes.


His Course Offering

Kruczek team teaches a course for juniors and seniors through the eyes of experts in entrepreneurship to help them understand the importance of liberal arts education and servant leadership. The class, called Emotionally Intelligent Leadership (BU391), is considered a special topics course. Students must meet specific academic requirements to enroll.

The interdisciplinary course offered each fall has evolved to incorporate the College’s Inside the Entrepreneurs Studio question-and-answer forum with business magnates who serve as guest lecturers in the Emotionally Intelligent Leadership class.

The fall 2016 course featured guest lectures from leaders representing Medical Mutual and Hyland Software, The Cleveland Foundation and The George Gund Foundation and Fifth Third Bank, among others. An executive vice president from Parker Hannifin, general manager from The Ritz Carlton, president and CEO of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and members of the College’s Board of Trustees are some of the distinguished business managers who have helped lead sessions during the inaugural course in fall 2015.


Emotionally Intelligent Leadership Course Description

Developed in partnership with the Cleveland Leadership Center, Emotionally Intelligent Leadership is a cross-disciplinary course designed for students who aspire to be effective, emotionally intelligent leaders, and who are committed to preparing themselves for personal, professional and global responsibility.

Along with examining the body of research on Emotional Intelligence (EI), students will be expected to understand and improve their own emotional intelligence by participating in a variety of self-assessment activities and exercises, all designed to develop students for both college and career success.

The Emotionally Intelligent Leadership course, capped at 25 students, is open to all majors. A student must be a junior or senior with a cumulative grade point average of 3.2 or above to apply for admittance, with registration preference given to students in the honors scholars program and others with the highest cumulative grade point average. Students completing this course at the honors level will receive the “Honors” designation on the transcript.

The College's course schedule includes some additional information.


Inside the Entrepreneurs Studio Open Courseware

Inside the Entrepreneurs Studio is Notre Dame’s enhanced video-based open courseware that builds on industry's version of a craft archive. The interdisciplinary discussions with global experts available online for free are hosted by Kruczek and those with whom he team teaches as part of the Emotionally Intelligent Leadership course.

The sessions feature firsthand stories from guest lecturers in the course. These corporate and community leaders who serve as class speakers share how liberal arts and the entrepreneurial mindset have served them in successful and not so successful business ventures. The lessons they impart help prepare students of all ages on campus—and now empower professionals in all fields through online access—for success in career pursuits and public service. 

Explore Inside the Entrepreneurs Studio at Notre Dame College.


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E.g., 06/21/19