From the President

Dear Friends of Notre Dame College,

At this time of year, especially, our focus turns to families coming together. About this same time last year, at the inauguration ceremony, you and so many others in the extended Notre Dame College family formally welcomed me as a member. Before then, you and the many family and friends of the College embraced me and my family upon our move to Ohio.

Our families are different in many respects, the number of members or the parts of the country—and world—we come from, our individual occupations and holiday traditions. As diverse as our families may be, we also share commonalities, like our locale, our respect for the tradition of the Sisters of Notre Dame and our belief in the life-changing power of a college education.

Many members of the many communities that make Notre Dame College have told me they purposefully and providentially came to be part of our extended family. Several of their pictures and stories appear in the magazine.

I have found a recurring theme among the leaders who visit campus to talk to our students. Many have said everyone is at the place they are supposed to be, no matter where they are or what brought them there. I have heard similar stories from those who work and study and play and pray with Notre Dame College. Some had planned and anticipated. Some came joyful and expectant, but some were displaced or suffered personal losses. Some were seeking a second chance, or in need of that first chance. Some faced social barriers, and some endured violations of social justice. Many, like me, were drawn by a warm, welcoming feeling of “fit” like I experienced when I first set foot on campus.

There is a spirit here at Notre Dame that makes it a truly special place.

Perhaps Tom Chambers, Chief Financial Officer of Kosmos Energy Ltd. and a member of the Notre Dame Board of Trustees, said it best when speaking to our class studying emotionally intelligent leadership: “Everyone belongs here. There is a reason you ended up where you are, at this college, at this time.”

The Notre Dame College family, my family and I wish you and your family a Merry Christmas and a blessed new year.


May 20
11:30 AM
Monday May 20, 11:30am
Softball Field
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E.g., 06/19/19