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From introspective exercises designed to develop personal management styles to interactive conversations with some of the most effective executives in the country, a small group of students at Notre Dame College was treated to a special-topics business course on emotionally intelligent leadership. The class was led by Notre Dame College President Thomas G. Kruczek with Stephen M. Hotchkiss, associate professor, and William L. Leamon, assistant professor, both in the College’s Division of Business. These educators, guest lecturers and other speakers who shared the value of interdisciplinary entrepreneurial thinking on campus paid tribute to tenets of management, their experiences in the class and the Notre Dame students who will one day lead.

Tom Chambers Don’t be afraid of change. Leaders embrace change. Leaders don’t shy away from change. I call leaders who don’t believe in change managers … Leaders care about people. Relationships are important to leaders; that’s what allows a team to come together and accomplish more. People are important. You can’t walk on people. People accomplish goals.

Thomas P. Chambers, Chief Financial Officer, Kosmos Energy Ltd. and Member, Board of Trustees, Notre Dame College.

Deb Hoover It’s about opportunity, where you land and how things come together. Every job you have, every experience you have is a piece of the puzzle. I feel like I am in the exact right place … It’s your life. You have to do what you’re passionate about.

Deborah D. Hoover, President and Chief Executive Officer,
The Burton D. Morgan Foundation




Albert Green  I had a great time talking to the business class (BU391) students. I always jump at these kinds of opportunities because it keeps me in touch with a generation of people who may very well be future employees in my company! The students in that class did not disappoint, asking energetic, pointed questions. I’d do it again in a heartbeat!

Albert M. Green, Chief Executive Officer, Kent Displays Inc.
and Member, Board of Trustees, Notre Dame College


Marcy Levy Shankman Developing your career is a discovery process and along the way you make strides forward and also experience setbacks. One of the grounding forces in my life has been my commitment, interest and love of leadership. Leadership is available to everyone (It’s not based on a position.), leadership is both learnable and teachable and we all have a contribution to make. Leadership in large measure is about the choices we make and whether we want to make a difference in the world around us. What helps us be effective in leadership is our awareness of ourselves, others and the context. This is the foundation for emotionally intelligent leadership. The three facets of emotionally intelligent leadership are consciousness of self, consciousness of others and consciousness of context.


Marcy Levy Shankman, Vice President of Strategy and Director of Leadership Cleveland, Cleveland Leadership
Center and Co-author of Emotionally Intelligent Leadership: A Guide for Students

Jeff Hoffman Evander Holyfield said the difference between 299 and 300 exercises each day is the difference between heavyweight champion of the world and every other boxer. No 299s. If 299 is good enough for you today, what is good enough tomorrow? 298? It’s good work, but is it 300? It doesn’t matter what you set out to do in life. Bring 300 every day.

Jeff Hoffman Co-founder and President, ColorJar LLC and Unreasonable at Sea
and Co-founder,,, CTI and others




Michael Shaughnessy Take calculated, not reckless, risks. Don’t sit still, but don’t be foolish. Calculate each business move carefully and without emotion. Be a lifelong learner … You have to keep learning your entire life. Keep up with technology and trends, but also be well-rounded and conversant. People skills are very important. Don’t ever overlook that. And don’t ever stop giving back. Don’t ever forget those who helped you along the way.

Michael Shaughnessy, Retired Owner and President, ColorMatix Corp.
and Member, Board of Trustees, Notre Dame College



Joe Pulizzi  Find your sweet spot, your passion areas … Find your expertise then differentiate how you tell your story. Cut through clutter and get noticed.

Joe Pulizzi,
Founder, Content Marketing Institute



Richard Garcia The leadership class was a pleasure. I saw parts of campus that I had not seen before and learned of some of the entrepreneurial interests the students had. I researched all of the students online, and they all were leaders already, either in the classroom, on the field or at work … or all of the above. It was a great group of students, and they are not only leaders today but have all of the qualities and drive to be good leaders tomorrow. They are great representatives of Notre Dame College. The questions they asked were challenging and thought-provoking, plus they had follow-up questions. I certainly was on my toes. The cross section of majors, activities and hometowns was impressive. The stories they had on how they came to Notre Dame were fascinating: a good group of students. I hope to be able to follow up on their progress.

Richard Garcia, Chief Financial Officer, Koroseal Interior Products and Chair, Board of Trustees, Notre Dame College


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