Lecturer Encourages Students, Community to Build Bridges, Support Interfaith Cooperation

Inspired and influenced by his Muslim faith, his Indian heritage and his American citizenship, Eboo Patel believes that religion can act as a bridge of cooperation rather than a barrier of division.

Patel encouraged an audience of nearly 400 students, faculty, staff and community members to build that bridge on the Notre Dame College campus as he delivered the 2014 Abrahamic Center Distinguished Lecture in Regina Auditorium.

The founder and president of Interfaith Youth Core, a Chicagobased organization building the interfaith movement on college campuses, Patel spoke about the importance of developing respect for people’s diverse religious and non-religious identities and building mutually inspiring relationships between people of different backgrounds.

Using the African-American Civil Rights Movement and Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. as an example of the power of interfaith cooperation, Patel detailed how King’s religious research as a seminary student, including the teachings of Mahatma Gandhi and Hinduism, influenced his strong beliefs about combating inequality through nonviolence.

E.g., 06/22/19
E.g., 06/22/19