The Head of Her Class

First graders at Ledgeview Elementary School in Nordonia Hills, Ohio already knew their teacher Janis Roskoph ’08 was the best. Now the rest of Summit County is finding out too.

Janice Roskoph '08The 2007 graduate of Notre Dame College’s Master's of Education program was honored twice this year for her excellence in the classroom. This spring, she was named “Teacher of the Year” by the Nordonia Hills Educators Association. In October she was nominated by the community to be part of Summit County’s first-ever “All-County Teaching Team.”

Dr. L. William Oliverio, visiting professor in education at Notre Dame, is one of many faculty members who hold Janis in high regard. “She is a professional in every sense of the word and has an extraordinary ability to connect with her students,” he said.

As her former practicum supervisor, Dr. Oliverio recalls one visit he made to observe her during the field work for her classes. “She was leading a study group called ‘The Lunch Bunch,’ giving up her precious release time to help a group of diverse learners with their reading skills,” he said. “But what was really incredible was that more students were waiting to join the group. There just wasn’t enough space for everyone who wanted to work with Mrs. Roskoph.”

During their October 2008 meeting, the Nordonia Hills Board of Education recognized Janis for the honors she received. Proving that good teachers are not in the profession for glory or recognition, Janis shared the spotlight, thanking her husband and parents for their support. “My parents always taught me to treat others as you’d like to be treated and that has always been my approach to teaching and life.” Janis’s sentiments, which were quoted in a local newspaper, were an inspiring lesson in humility for the grown-ups at the meeting. But for a certain group of first graders, it was no surprise.

Steve Ruic is the writer and editor at Notre Dame College.

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E.g., 06/22/19