Messages of Peace

On the journey toward peace and understanding, dialogue is often the first step.

Holocaust survivor Eva SchlossThe Tolerance Resource Center has promoted such dialogue in the form of conferences, panel discussions and community events, bringing together religious and community groups that have historical enmity toward one another. These events have opened channels of communication, fostering respect among these groups.

According to Sr. Mary Louise Trivison, a founder of the Tolerance Resource Center and a recognized peacemaker in the Greater Cleveland community, such exchanges often have had a divine quality. “Gathering together a group with diverse outlooks is a wonderful way to call on the Spirit to come down and bring a sense of wonder and awe.”

And although it is honorable and right, taking the first steps toward dialogue is not easy. Last year, during the interfaith dialogue series Three Faiths: One God, Sr. Mary Louise recalled that there were some challenging issues to overcome between the Catholic, Jewish and Muslim participants. “It took more than one evening to remove these barriers. But in the end, many in the group were able to say ‘We are friends.’”


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