Images Linger

An image can burn into your conscience in a way that words cannot.

According to Rachel Morris, associate professor of fine arts at Notre Dame College, this is one reason why the Tolerance Resource Center has sponsored numerous programs centered on the arts since its opening in 1997. “When we started the Center, we knew our programs needed to be diverse. You can’t continually do lectures or speaker series to get the message of tolerance across.”

The Interview“The arts reach people in a visceral way,” said Morris.“Images linger.”

The Center has included a variety of visual and theatrical arts exhibits by playwrights such as Faye Sholiton and Eva Schloss; painters Peter London and Mary Costanza; and photographers such as Elliot Faye.

It is the immediacy that makes the arts a powerful medium for the messages of the Tolerance Resource Center. “The visual arts are a primary form of communication,” said Morris. “To look at an image and understand it may take you 30 seconds. You can convey the horror of the Holocaust or a message about how to live peacefully in one image rather than in an entire volume of text."

E.g., 06/24/19
E.g., 06/24/19