Frederic, The Great, Sister of Notre Dame

Like the Hoover Dam, generously generating energy, but
Unlike President Hoover’s generation of depression, the
Clean sweeping power of our Grand Dame of English
Compressed our vacuum(s) into good habit(s).

Like ex-consonants, taking vowels very seriously,
Sr. Mary Frederic Hoover, SND, candledly spoke
“Out, out damned spot. Dust thou art and to dust we shall return,”
Projecting Faerie Angels over heads in lights pastel.

Like questions of Who? Veritas?
She swept us up off our feats.
Beauty? Goodness within Godliness shall never thaw,
Resolve Itself into “adieu.” But,

When to semesters of sweet silent thought,
We summon up remembrance of things taught.
Then will we “drown an eye, unused to flow, for precious friend
Hid in death’s dateless night.”

Tony Zupancic, August, 2007


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