A Celebration of Scholarship

Thinking Logically, Analytically and Creatively

The Research Posters of Student Scholar Day


Biodiversity of a Vernal Pool at the Nature Center at Shaker Lakes
Jesse E. Bartle, Ryan Rehmer


Characterization of Tree Secondary Succession with GIS Mapping at Acacia Reservation
Steven Shavel


Cultural Competency and Nurses Attitude on Patient Sexual Orientation
Haley Chen, Ashley Michel, Ashley Rogaliner, Emily Rossi, Samantha Simon


Cultural Competency and End of Life Patient Care
Madeline Goodwin, Kelsey Koehler, Lauren Pishek, Trevor Slaby


Cultural Competency and Challenges Reported by Nurses
Rachel Harbarger, Christina Haston, Alec Janotka, Sabrina Mitchell


Cultural Competency and Psychiatric Patient Care
Nick Marchetti, Alex Metrisin, Rachelle Miller, Cait Quaintance, Caitlin Wenrich


Cultural Competency and Student Perception of Nursing Curricula
Halle Banning, Andrea Green, Morgan Henry, Asma Muntaser, Katlyn Walker


Determining the Protein-Protein Network Interactions of the C2H2 Zn Finger Protein, CG5316
Lauren Sandrock


Dimensions of Religiosity: Protestant Evangelicals and Torture Techniques
Rachel Louis, Rachel Smith


Dimension of Religiosity: Protestant Evangelicals and Emergency Birth Control
Christina Haston


Equivalence of Computer Devices for Completing Surveys
Angela Bush, Ralph D’Alessio ’13, Jena M. Iacco


Estimating the Rates of Secondary Succession in the Trees at Acacia Reservation
Steven Shavel


The Hunt for Transcription Start Sites in Heterochromatin
Brittany Stawicki, Daniel Ward, Lindsey Campbell, Marcia Leon, Vladimir Bokun


Identifying Physically Ill Patients at Risk for Suicide
Allison Gorczyca, Julia Cristino, Sam Shoemaker, Lacey Marcoux, Karla DiJohn, Natalie Ockunzzi

Macrophage-Derived MYD88 Acts as a Negative Regulator of TLR3 Signaling
Haley Spaner


Mediation Reconciliation
Lindsay Shirilla, Kyle Mead, Paige Blatnik, Emily Clinton, Megan Wallace, Alexis Clark


Microbial Activity and Biochemistry in Nine Mile Creek
Meaghan Wierzbic


Preventing the Holes from Aligning: Significance of the Effective Nursing Handoff Reports
Kaitlin Shannon, Diamond Pearson, Lauren Selinger, Keala Fleming, Shannon Woisnet, Justin Pearce


Preventing the Spread of the Ebola Virus
Alli Lepri, Anissa Kotoch, Emily Guappone, Kayli Canganelli, Hannah Tate, Katie Lynch


Public Relations Famicos Project
Shawatha Covington, Willard Hitchcock, Gabrielle Ploplis, Ryenn Lyons, Gabriella Lee, Nick Myers, Joe Gvora


Public Relations Social Entrepreneurship Project
Mitchell Schall, Chris Jordan, Martin Lange, Stephanie Kronenberger, Brandon Johnson, Alicia Ankerman


Safe Administration of Insulin
Sarah Bobonik, Alyssa Ward, Cydnie Barrientos, Alexandria McKinley, Marissa Durbin


Scooby Doo!: Mystery Incorporated and Gender Roles
Gabrielle Ploplis


Surgical Mistakes: Wrong Site Surgery
Kaelen Prince, Lauren Vik, Allison Tonti, Danielle Eustace, Maria Bocanegra, Zachary Browning


Using Reverse Genetic Approaches in Uncovering the Cellular Function of Drosophila Melanogaster CG12054, a Gene Essential for Viability and the Homolog to Human JAZF1
Brittany Stawicki


Water Quality in Nine Mile Creek (South Euclid, Ohio)
Meaghan Wierzbic, Jesse Bartle, Patrick Fisher


Will the Water Quality of the Vernal Pool Influence the Receptivity to Amphibian Introduction
Magenta Tygret, Justin Evans, Sarah Cech

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E.g., 06/24/19