A Celebration of Scholarship

Appreciating the Fine Arts

The Senior Art Majors Show: “Leaving Our Imprint on Notre Dame College”


Kelly Cuffman

Kelly Cuffman is a photographer who is “chasing life: one pixel at a time” through her photographic work. Her images focus on her view of life through the “camera’s eye.” Her style evolves from landscapes and cityscapes to abstract themes. The idea of her abstract work is to express everyday common objects in their most abstract forms. She said her ideas come as sporadic waves that grow into a bigger picture through the execution process and that her photographs are her transitioning point from realism to abstraction.


Deaira Knox

Deaira Knox focuses on charcoal drawings and layered photography. Her large-scale sketches are a direct relation to her interest in Greek mythology. She believes these great powerful characters are a lot like humans in nature. She said her work conveys a sense of emotion to the viewer as she narrates her interpretation of each being. Her photographic endeavors reflect themes of humans and nature.


Bianca Beekman

Bianca Beekman has a mixed media installation that expresses her concern with the toxins used in our environment. She believes that what is natural and what is artificial has been blurred with the products that people consume and use. Her interest in this topic, with installations titled Influenza, Hepatitis B and Polio, is represented using plastic materials in hues found in nature across multiple canvases.


Wendell Phinnessee

Wendell Phinnessee is a photographer and graphic designer who has a passion for typography. He believes that typography should be eyecatching and grab the viewer’s attention at a glance. Typography can be directional and lead a viewer into the message or event’s purpose or journey. He said the design and movement of the font is like a painter’s brushstroke, smooth and flowing or harsh and jagged. The font can be expressive, setting the mood, connecting energy with art, while simultaneously communicating the message. 


Ricky Valentino

Ricky Valentino concentrates on creating, communicating and connecting with his audience and clientele through his graphic design pieces. The art movement of Minimalism is seen in his simplistic designs. He said this style of art has influenced his designing capabilities and pushed him to make intricate, more understandable pieces of design. He believes that his designs should generate some conversation or impact with the viewer.


Mark Principi

Mark Principi has a passion for graphic design. He believes that as a graphic designer, the world becomes one huge potential work of art, and everything in it is part of his masterpiece. He focuses on his mouse as the paintbrush; his computer screen as his canvas; and fonts, vector images and gradients as his palette. His style is simplistic yet robust. His designs are of a clear and concise manner detailed to the client’s needs. He has a unique and quirky style, while incorporating the fundamentals of good design.

E.g., 06/22/19
E.g., 06/22/19