Tower Tributes

Whether in social media, school papers or video projects, friends of the College share their insights and experiences on the service, spirit and scope of the Sisters of Notre Dame.

“When I go upstairs to schedule classes or talk to my adviser, I always see a picture of a nun hanging on the wall, and it says Sister Dorothy above it and when she was born and when she died.

I figured she just died of old age, but I learned that she passed away in Brazil. She was killed by farmers because they were threatened by her projects in Brazil and they wanted her dead. It showed me that change can happen and there are people in this world willing to give their life up to help others.”

Britney Laux ’14


Four years ago, I was so worried about my autistic son’s education. I finally found a wonderful school that specialized in Asperger’s and autism, Julie Billiart School in Lyndhurst, Ohio. One day, while waiting the usual six-plus hours for my son to get out of school, I decided to check out the residential areas in the area. I noticed Notre Dame College of Ohio tucked back into a quaint middle class neighborhood. I enrolled.

Life is truly good.

My son is doing well in school, and I will soon be doing what I love most. I will be working with children and adults with special needs, giving them all that they need and deserve in life. And my greatest reward will be to see the smile on the face of each of them.

Thank you Notre Dame College, thank you Julie Billiart School, thank you Sisters of Notre Dame for all you have given me. I promise to help change the world, and never, ever quit searching for truth, beauty and justice.

Vicki Lynn Brusky ’13


The Sisters of Notre Dame as teachers are firm, dedicated and loving: Firm about studies; dedicated to their mission of education, educating everyone, those people who can’t afford it and people who can; and loving because they are always, always there. They care about you and want you to succeed. Thank you, Sisters.

Tina DiBacco Jurcisin ’85


The beliefs, morals and values of the Sisters of Notre Dame have impacted students for generations. If it was not for the Sisters of Notre Dame, I do not believe we students would have such high morals and values pertaining to helping others and the world around us. I thank the Sisters of Notre Dame for all that they have done, and I hope to one day make them proud.

Chris Moomaw ’15


Seeing the Sisters of Notre Dame’s mission work in Nicaragua brought our College mission statement to life in my eyes. They were no longer just words, they had transformed into living acts of kindness and love for other people.

Ra’Teesha Scott ’14

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E.g., 06/22/19