From the President

Dear Friends of Notre Dame College,

Dr. RothWith students and families looking more closely at whether a traditional on-campus college experience is in their best interest and, if so, which institution will best fit their needs and ambitions, higher education is at a crossroads. Notre Dame College is also at a juncture, but unlike many other institutions, our College is better prepared not only to survive but to thrive.

This spring, we launched our 2013-2018 academic strategic planning process. This fall we conclude the celebration of our 90th anniversary year. And in this issue of Notre Dame Today, we take a look at how we as a College—our students, faculty, staff and alumni—are positioned not only to face but to be at the forefront of the challenges of the future.

Attempting to define what is relevant in higher education—the ability to be a leader in providing what young adults and their families expect and what employers and the world demand of the degreed individual—is a popular topic of late. Arguably, there are many definitions that work well for different institutions and different individuals. At Notre Dame, we believe what has kept us going and growing since 1922 will be what continues to serve us and our students in the future—and that is the timeliness, and timelessness, of the education itself. Our greatest strength lies in that we are a small, private faith-based institution for traditional and post-traditional students that offers a variety of programs and majors via several delivery methods with a strong and unwavering foundation in the liberal arts.

But Notre Dame College is not just an approach to pedagogy. We are above all a community of connection that serves to develop students with character, career and citizenship readiness and faith and service—personal, professional and global responsibility—not just to do well but to do good. And it is this energy, of our people and passion, that not only makes our education pertinent but also sets our experience apart.

I invite you to read not only about the relevance of the liberal arts instruction we espouse but about some of the significant people who bring this spirit to life here every day: from two of our own higher education experts, who I am honored to join in creating a conversation about well-rounded teaching and learning, to the Sisters of Notre Dame, who founded the College in 1922 and whose guiding hand has made us what we are today. We also include achieved alumni and donors who enable us to carry on as an institution rich in tradition and uncompromising values. We feature the leaders of tomorrow in the graduating class of 2013, the largest in the history of the school and well represented by four stellar examples major award recipients.

And with an eye toward the future, do not miss the in-depth look at current student Aliea Moore, a testimony to Notre Dame as an opportunity school, home to many first-generation college students who might not otherwise have the chance to attend a postsecondary institution.

I am sure you will share in my confidence that our students—and especially the faculty highlighted in these pages—are living proof that we are doing the right things to enable the young and mature adults of today to become the success stories of tomorrow, well-prepared to overcome future challenges and to maximize future opportunities.



Andrew P. Roth, Ph.D

E.g., 06/22/19
E.g., 06/22/19