The Relevance of a Liberal Arts Education

Making Sense of Mixed Messages about Employment and the Economy

The statistics are dissonant, depending on sources. Financial forecasts and job outlooks are unclear. So how does a sentient being find his or her way in an imprecise, ever-evolving environment as far as education, employment and the economy?

To help make sense of the mixed messages, three Notre Dame College leaders and higher education experts share their views on one aspect of an overall approach to learning and teaching that endures times and pervades talents—and ensures the relevance of a college degree in a world where so much is uncertain:

  1. In-person character development: Nurturing the whole self with an on-campus community experience that readies responsible hearts and natures to adapt and contribute lifelong
  2. Inclusive professional preparation: Growing complete minds with knowledge and skills through an independent institution for excellence across the continuum of career and citizenship
  3. Spiritual transformation: Inspiring the enlightened soul through values and social exchange to discover individual meaning and share in a greater global good

These elements together nurture all aspects of the person through an independent college, on-campus, values-based liberal arts education, to carry a student through—and allow him or her to advance accordingly—whatever the future may hold.

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E.g., 06/22/19
E.g., 06/22/19