Less Means More for College's Energy Management Program

When it comes to saving water, what can a small college like Notre Dame College do to help the cause? An energy management program, begun in 2006, aims to find out.

The program, implemented by Siemens Building Technologies in Valley View, Ohio, involved a number of energy-saving projects including replacing and upgrading water fixtures to eliminate wasteful use of water, and installing lighting fixtures throughout the school buildings and residence halls. Other projects included work on the boilers in Connelly Center and Petersen Hall, installation of a Decktron pool water heater for Mellen Pool in the Keller Center, and upgrades to the HVAC and fume hoods in the science labs in rooms 307, 315 and 316.

Through the energy management program, Notre Dame will lessen its use of electricity by 500,000 kilowatt-hours and also reduce its water usage by 2,000,000 gallons each year. While it reduces its environmental impact, the College will realize a double benefit with a savings of more than $2 million from its operational costs.

According to Notre Dame College president, Dr. Andrew P. Roth, “This project has multiple benefits; not only does it lower our operating costs and provide us with much needed capital improvements, it greatly reduces our energy consumption and thus the impact our facilities have on the environment. It is a further step toward improving the campus environment for students, faculty and visitors alike.”

The project is funded through the savings generated by the program, assisting Notre Dame’s ongoing cost control measures.

According to Sr. Alice Dugar, manager of the College’s science laboratories, “Everything is connected. If we knew how much water went into manufacturing or making our electricity, just in curbing our energy use, we are protecting water.”


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