Meet the President's Staff

College Reorganizes Senior Staff to Respond to Rapid Changes

Notre Dame College has reorganized its senior administrative staff to sustain enrollment, increase its retention efforts, and enhance institutional advancement and fundraising.

The most important staff changes are the following: Dr. Mary Breckenridge was named provost with responsibilities for both academic and student affairs; John Phillips was promoted to senior vice president of finance and administration; Dave Armstrong has become the new vice president of development; Beth Ford ’00 was promoted to dean of admissions and financial aid reporting to Phillips; Dr. Rob Davis was named dean of the Finn Center reporting to Phillips; and Dr. John Galovic was named director of athletics.

“As the College prepares to reassess its strategic alternatives in response to a rapidly changing external environment, it is critical that it possess the organizational flexibility to anticipate and to respond to those changes,” President Dr. Andrew P. Roth said. “A critical part of that response is sustaining the College’s stunning enrollment successes of the past decade. Enrollment, however, can no longer be the College’s sole revenue source.”

It is imperative for the College to develop new funding streams if it is to successfully conclude its “Voyage of Discovery” to become one of the region’s finest colleges, said Dr. Roth, who in his role as president plans to place a major emphasis on board development, community relations and fundraising.

“The College must develop multiple additional sources of revenue from both auxiliary enterprises and traditional fundraising,” Dr. Roth said.

Above all, Dr. Roth said, the College must continue its mission-centric dedication to developing students with a sense of personal, professional and global responsibility.

“In fact, this is our most important objective,” Dr. Roth said, “the College’s very reason for being and the inspiration for doing all that we do.”

E.g., 06/22/19
E.g., 06/22/19