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Dr. Andrew P. RothIn the poem “Quinnie,” alumna Rita Brady Kiefer ’53 celebrates the memory of Dr. Frances Quinlivan and the profound influence she had in shaping her students’ minds. The imagery of the poem paints a picture of students studying, learning and being challenged against the backdrop of “that Gothic campus.” She ends the poem with an almost wistful remembrance of a simple truth passed on by Dr. Quinlivan: “Know the genuine.”

As the current generation of Notre Dame’s leaders and students press on toward transforming the College into a premier liberal arts college, it is against that same backdrop that they too are learning to challenge contemporary fads and fashions. It seems fitting that upon the “mid-west green” where, for over 80 years, students have “walked with Marx and Aquinas,” a memorial circle now stands in remembrance of Dr. Quinlivan where today’s students can be inspired to contemplate their world, question today’s freely floating “truths,” and fashion their futures.

It is also fitting that as Notre Dame continues to grow, we remember the legacy of those who brought it to this place in its history. As it was aptly said at the dedication of the Legacy Walkway and Quinlivan Circle on October 16, 2005, “Each brick represents a promise written in stone that remembers those who have supported and guided this institution to its present state.”

In this special issue of Notre Dame Today, we present each of the construction projects completed this year. Notre Dame College is in a season of change. As we preserve the memories of our past, we honor those whose generosity allowed us to grow and commend the work of those who are leading us into the future.

Andrew P. Roth, Ph.D.


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