More Than Meets the Eye

Admiring the new Legacy Walkway and Quinlivan Circle, one would not imagine what lies below. The new brick and cement spokes around the College’s front lawn focal point were carefully designed for longevity. Physical Plant Director Tom Meeks explained the system of heating conduit that loops around under the length of the walkways. According to Meeks, “The system will actually extend the life of the walkways by eliminating the need for chemicals to melt the snow. We won’t have to shovel or plow, which should realize a real savings on labor, equipment and lawn repair in the spring.” The ice-free paths should also make the walk across the lawn much safer.

Physical Plant Director Tom Meeks installs pex piping for the underground heating system used under the Legacy Walkway and Quinlivan Circle. 

Meeks explained that the subterranean pex piping is laid out in long rows, spaced 10” apart under all the walkways. It is filled with glycol, an antifreeze-type fluid. The heating system is controlled by sensors which measure the temperature and moisture. The final stage of the system, the heating pumps and exchanger, are to be installed very shortly and the Notre Dame College maintenance department will be prepared for winter. Let it snow!

Mary Ann Kovach is the Director of Public Relations for Notre Dame College.


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